Short hair is not the same like a short care

For most woman who spend all winter stuffing their dry, static-filled hair into beanies and hoodies, springtime can’t come soon enough.

So to get you as pumped as we are about the eventual death of all things cold and gloomy, we crafted a definitive list of the coolest spring-inspired hair looks currently inundating our Instagram feeds.

The `Harry Potter` haircut is magic

Girls, get your wands at the ready, because someone just created a Harry Potter-inspired haircut, and it`s actually incredibly kind of great.

The haircut itself was inspired by Gryffindor from the Harry Potter movies, with stylist own twist, of course. The striking coloring is the result of mixing basic balayage with a color-melting technique, resulting in a checkered-like gradient. Even though the client`s hair appears to have horizontal streaks of color, stylish actually painted the dye on vertically and diagonally to give the color more depth and dimension.
Don`t fear the bob - it just makes you look hot.

A sleek, bunt bob can easily feel stiff, but this keeps the movement intact by cutting long, layered bangs that skim your eyebrows.For everyone who tries to assert that bobs are high-maintenance, we present to you this haircut, whose choppy cut is a textured and voluminous masterpiece.

Go short or go home

Choppy Pixie looks like long in the front, super-short in the back, faded on the sides, this haircut is a choppy, feathered dream. To define the sections, rub a dab of pomade between your fingers, then rake and twirl random pieces of hair.

Side-Banged Pixie

Who says you can`t have it all? At least, in the world of hair. Because this long, side-parted bangs take the usual severity out of pixie cuts and adds an element of softness to your face. Slick down the sides with a mix of styling cream and gel, and let your front bangs hang freely.

Ribbon Band haircut

When you`re out of ideas for styling your super-short pixie, remember your childhood friend, the ribbon headband, is still nearby to help you break up your hair. Slide a thicker band over a textured cut and tie it in a bow at the base of your neck.

Cowlicked Fringe haircut

Woman and shortcuts go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or woman and man. Either way, this haircut wears your pixie in your typical nonchalant fashion—i.e. with purposeful cowlicks and all.

Long-on-Top Pixie

Whoever said mullet styles are universally unflattering have never seen a great pixie cut with a “reverse mullet”. It means longer on top, super short in the back. It makes you a much more masculine take on the pixie that truly looks badass on your frame.

Bleached Brilliance haircut

Feminine bleached blonde pixie cut alone earned you a spot on many Best Beauty lists at very this year, which was the perfect Audrey Hepburn-esque addition to your elegant look.

One "can`t leave home without it" product for pixie cuts is a pliable wax that will keep little wispy cowlicks at bay. If you want to nip the problem right in the bud, do as a famous actress does and apply a gel or wax all over strands for a "wet hair" look where no hair is out of place, especially when you`re between trims.

Deep-parted bob

This haircut proves you can have your Old Hollywood waves without the length. Curl just the ends up and under, then lightly smooth down the edges with hairspray and a clean toothbrush for a polished finish.

"I can`t pull off a bob with curly hair!" you say. "Bangs look bad with curly hair!" you say again. Well, please gaze upon this haircut which truly perfect triangular bob and baby bangs, which break all the dumb hair "rules" in the best of ways.

S-waves haircut

S-waves with ultra-short hair can feel juvenile on a sweetheart`s face like yours maybe, but a thick layer of piece-y, feathered bangs adds a definitive edge.Finally, a hairstyle that would make your geometry teacher proud: Scoles` blunt, pin-straight bob is all angles and lines, which equals 180 degrees of cool.

Fake bob haircut

If you want to fake a bob with slightly longer hair, like this one doing here, loosely curl the ends, spritz them with hairspray, then roll and pin sections of curls to the nape of your neck.

Feathered bangs haircut

A platinum-blonde shade is not for the faint of heart, especially if you have naturally black hair. But when your breakage gets bad, ask your stylist for some feathered bangs to mask the damage.

The classic bob

Pretty, easy to pull off, and easily enhanced by your hair tucked behind your ears. Pinback your hair with bobby pins if you want to keep layers securely in place.Embodies cool-girl chic, courtesy of this blunt cut and maybe ashy blonde color.

Naturally straight hair

If you have finer, naturally straight hair, the best way to add volume is to lop off some length because the bob is much lower-maintenance for this hair type than the lob.

Got somewhere fancy to go and not enough hair to throw into a chignon or updo? Give your hair thick, retro-glam curls and lightly pin them together in the back for a makeshift bob.

Striking style

If you`re a natural brunette, take on a striking style by opting for a platinum hue, the shorter length will make it easier to maintain the lighter tones, and there`ll likely be less breakage involved.

Dramatic moment

Do you know how to nail a dramatic moment, and the Old Hollywood curls aren`t the end of this vintage style. Top off your bob with a chic little pillbox hat like you in the colder months.

How to Modernize Your Bob: Try an angled cut with blunt bangs and sloping layers around the face.

Wavy bob

To add even more volume to a wavy bob, choose a deep part, blast your hair at the roots, and round brush the sections closest to your face.A blunt cut looks even more striking in creamy platinum hues and beachy waves.

Carrie Bradshaw curls

In which SJP forgoes her signature Carrie Bradshaw curls for this short, bouncy style, the middle part is key.
Wrap your strands around a curling iron to experiment with Old Hollywood waves.

Perfectly curls haircut

Highlights and perfectly teased curls make your look practically like royalty.We`re loving the sleek and slicked-back style.Textured strands and dark roots could give you rocker-chic bob.

English rose haircut

This haircut keeps it interesting with cropped bangs and curled-under edges just blowout your hair with a round brush to achieve the look.Keep your bob from looking dowdy with a blunt cut and an ombre gradient.

Day tonight bob

Take your bob from day to night by sliding a curling iron from the roots to the ends and experimenting with a curving part.Switching up the part of your bob can give it this cool asymmetrical look, especially if you ask your stylist for longer layers in the front and shorter ones in the back.

Just follow these article and you know how to have top haircut and shere with your friends.



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