Basic techniques in dealing with people

I spent the best years of my life providing people with satisfaction, helping them to have good fun, and in return I only get insults, abuse and persecution. - Al Capone

You read these words well. Words one of the most notorious American state enemies. He was the gang leader who ever existed in Chicago, yet he never condemned himself. He thought he was the greatest state benefactor. And it is not accepted and not understood.

And the notorious people are human beings, just as you and I are. Therefore, people rationalize and explain. They can very easily explain to you why they have a safe or why they are fast on the trigger.

Most of them try to justify their behavior by some sort of rationalization, whether it is wrong or logical. Behavior that is not socially acceptable neither to them nor to anyone else.

The secret affects people

There is only one way under the hood of heaven to tell somebody to do something. Have you ever slowed down a bit to think about this fact ?! Yes, it`s just one way to do something like that.

Get this person a wish to do it.

Remember, there is no other way.

Of course, you can always force someone to do something for you, but rude methods have very undesirable consequences. The only way that someone agrees to do anything is to give you what you want.

What is it you want?

Let`s show people honest and sincere appreciation. Honestly approve the actions of other people and praise them generously and people will evaluate your words, remember them, and repeat whenever they are in the right. He`ll repeat them even when you forget what you said.

# Give people honest and sincere enthusiasm

If you can do this, you will have a whole world with you

If you like to eat strawberries and whipped cream, and then discover that fish for some strange reason prefer worms, then you will not next time when you go fishing to think about what you want. Think about what the fish want. You will not put whips and strawberries on the hook, you`ll rather swing with a worm of fish in front of their nose, thinking, "You want it, do not you?"

Why not use the same healthy approach when interacting with other people?

The secret of success, if it can be reduced to one thing, is that the appropriate bait on the hook must be placed in order to attract the desired result (action or person).

Why talk about what we want?! It`s childish. Absurd. Of, course you are interested in what you want. You are always interested in these topics. But that does not interest anyone else.

We remain the same as you: we are interested in what we want.

If you can not do this, you`ll walk along the path of loners

So, the only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get there. Remember this tomorrow when you try to tell someone to do something for you.

This is something you need to remember, whether you are dealing with children, chimpanzees or calves. A rough comparison, but very effective.

Tomorrow you may want to persuade someone in something. Before you speak, pause and ask yourself: "How can I make this person wish it the same?" This question will prevent you from falling into a situation inexorably and wasting time talking about something that you want.

Thin art of interpersonal relationships

Here is one of the best tips, if there is a secret of success, then it is the ability to understand the way of thinking of another person and see things in the way that she looks, as well as you see from your own point of view.

This is so simple and obvious, so that immediately everyone knows it, and yet ninety percent of people mostly ignore this fact.


You receive mail, appraisals of this content: We want to provide our clients with state-of-the-art media information services ...

The effect that this mail causes - you want! You want. Bando corporate. I do not care what you want or what the president of the state may want. Once for all time, let me tell you that I`m interested in what I want- and in this bad news there`s not yet a word on it.

So, if people who dedicate their careers to marketing and are appointed as experts in their field, what are they doing then what can we expect from a butcher or baker or perhaps a car mechanic ?!

The world is full of people who grab and seek for themselves. Accordingly, rare individuals are selflessly trying to serve others and they have a huge advantage. They are few. People who are able to put themselves in a position, who manage to understand how someone else is thinking, should never worry about what their future is about.

Hit the foundation of his career

If you read out these paragraph only one message, if you feel the need to always think from the position of other people and to look at things from their point of view, if you draw only one thing out of the whole context, it could easily be shown that you just propped up the career path what you want.

Observing the situation with someone else`s eyes and awakening a strong desire for something should not be considered manipulating that person to do something that you might possibly benefit from, and that damage.
Negotiation should bring profit or benefit to each party involved in it. Many people successfully graduate from college and learn to understand the poet Vergily or easily master the mysteries of an infinitesimal account, but they never discover how their brains work.

"First, encourage the burning desire in another person. Who can do this, will have the whole world and who can not, will walk along the path of loners."

What is worrying you and what can you do about it?!

Here`s one interesting and amazing fact - a man can not only be tired of his intelligent work. Sounds absurd.

There is a study in which scientists were trying to discover how long the human brain can work without reaching "reduced working capacity", which is the definition of fatigue. It is a surprising fact that in the blood that passes through the active brain, there are no substances that indicate fatigue.

As far as the brain is concerned, it can work "as well and quickly" and after eight hours of effort just as early as this process. The brain is tireless. Then what makes you tired?!

Rarely, anger, a sense of insufficient respect, a sense of worthlessness, haste, anxiety or worry are emotional factors that are exhausting. They lead to a decrease in productivity and an increase in colds and headaches.

It is true that we are tired because our emotions create a nervous tension in our body. Strenuous work, by itself, rarely causes fatigue that can not be cured by good sleep or break. Concerns, tension and emotional anxiety are the major causes of fatigue.

Remember that it`s a strained muscle, the muscle that works. Relax. Save energy for important things.

Stop right now where you are and check yourself. Are you sitting relaxed, do you feel frowned while reading this? In the meantime, remember that you are the one who creates nervous tension and tiredness on a nerve base.

There is almost universal belief that hard work requires a sense of effort, otherwise, we think that the job is not well done. So, we frown when we focus. We unconsciously ask the muscles to be tense, and it does not help the brain to do its job at all.

Here`s a tragic truth: millions of people would not think of scattering money, but they are ready to consume energy as if they were falling from the sky and seemed overwhelmed.

Everything is clear of this, is not it?!

The answer to everything is to relax! Learn to relax while doing your job! In the meantime, find something interesting for yourself among these lines.



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