How can you make money online?

Can you imagine your life now without the Internet? Hardly. Read this text and teach how can you make money online.

Well, the explanation is very simple, and you are probably already well aware of it. We live in the time in which so many important areas of human life are digitized and computerized: art, books, music, information, entertainment, sales, marketing, knowledge, even human interaction itself.

Thus, the Internet has become almost, if not completely, one of our basic daily needs, and no matter how depressing it may sound to some people, it’s a fact. Nowadays, for more and more enthusiasts, that fact includes another thing ― making money online.

Whether you are a busy or unemployed parent, whether you are a student, or simply someone who wants to earn (extra) money, you need to know that making money online really isn’t necessarily as difficult as most people think.

Don’t get that wrong ― we didn’t say it’s easy, it just means that you shouldn’t give up on your hopes if you notice that it’s not progressing as fast as you expected. Of course, it all depends on what you want to do, but no matter what you choose, it will require a certain amount of knowledge, self-discipline, and persistence. And let’s face it, those qualities are required for making a buck in any kind of job, online or offline.

Before we begin listing some of the major ways to make money on the web, let’s first go over a few things you need to know about working online.

How to Make Money Online: The Basics

If you are reading this article, it’s because there are two things you are looking for more of: time or money, or both. Which one of these two has the greater value? Time, of course. Sure, that Aloe Black’s song “I need a dollar” could be declared as the major anthem of the world and era we live in, but the truth is that money can be recreated, time can’t.

Why are we mentioning this? Time is an important factor in deciding what kind of online activities and income are you going to go for. Do you want to get the luxury of a free time in the short or in the long run? This question determines the difference between something that is called “passive income”, as opposed to something called “active income”.

So, what do these two mean?

Passive income, if you’re not already familiar with it, is money that’s earned automatically. It means that, once stable passive income stream has been created, it doesn’t require much maintenance, ie. work. That’s why stable passive income is some kind of a holy grail in the world of online business.

However, it does require a tremendous amount of effort at the outset, but it will be worth it because, after some period, it transforms the concept “more work-more money” into the one that says “a less work-still lot of money”. It’s a life goal for many people, but not everyone succeeds in this, because, for some, the amount of initial effort and persistence needed is just too much to bear.

When the time you work directly correlates to your income, it’s called active income. It means that you can earn as much money as your time allows. With active income, you’re actively working to produce your wages. So, if you work for someone else, or you’re earning a per-hourly fee, or you have clients and you’re working for yourself, it’s all active income employment.

In most cases regarding active income, if something were to happen to your ability to work, let’s say you get injured, then you won’t be able to earn. No work - no money.

Also, the distinction between passive and active income will be paramount to your ability to produce serious capital on the web. So, if you want to achieve that, you should focus on passive income. However, many people just want to earn some extra money, which makes active income perfectly satisfactory for them.

So, whether you are after some fast cash, or you are looking for some more sustainable income - producing results, there are various ways to earn money online, and now we are going to list and discuss some of the most popular ones. Let’s start with the passive income jobs, and then we’re going to move to active income jobs. Here we go.

E-book and audio-book sales

If you possess a propensity for writing, consider writing an e-book. Educative books about some technical topics are still extremely wanted. This can be a great way for generating passive income, but it does, however, require an enormous effort at the outset before you actually start making money.

After you wrote your book, you can sell it through Amazon’s Kindle program or Apple’s iTunes Connect. This enables you the access to a large majority of the e-book reading market. You don’t need to make some big financial investments to make this happen, but it will take you a lot of time, not only in writing your e-books but also in marketing them.

If you are into books, another potentially very successful option for you is selling audio-books, which are noticeably growing in popularity, thanks to the rise of streaming mobile technologies, so it’s becoming even a greater source of passive income than selling digital books. Still, you should probably think about writing an e-book first, and then convert it into an audio-book.


If you are serious about making money online, starting your own blog is one of the best and most profitable options, but it can also be one of the most exhaustive endeavors. It’s commonly known that building a blog with real readership is difficult. You need to know how to setup your blog in the right way, in the right niche, with the right content targeted at the right audience.

However, once you understand the specific steps you need to take, it becomes far easier. First, you need to choose a profitable niche and the right domain name. After that, you need to build you offers which should be complementary to the content of your blog. You will be able to profit with your blog via online advertising, affiliate marketing, and subscriber-based lists to produce a steady stream of income.

Blogging is one of the most sustainable passive income sources, and, when done right, it can generate from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Yep, that’s right. But to do it properly, you need to put a lot of initial effort in it, so you better start.

YouTube tutorials

Okay, so this definitely isn’t a short-term strategy, and it won’t make you rich overnight, but the fact is that posting a well-thought-out and engaging video tutorials on YouTube could make you a very significant amount of passive income, in the long run, depending on a quality of reception of such videos.

Find a profitable niche, stick to it, and be stubborn, persistent. Why are we saying this? Well, patience and persistence are very important if you want to engage in this kind of job, because the number of views is the factor that determines your income, and we are not talking about thousands of views here ― we are literally talking about hundreds of thousands and even millions of views needed for you to generate any noteworthy passive income. And it will take time, maybe even years before this pays off at all. But once it does, it will be worth it.

Since YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine behind Google, you could also use your videos to market any other products that you have to sell. You could use your channel to create product reviews and use affiliate links to sell products as well. When it comes to YouTube, options are truly endless.

Educational Courses on Udemy

Creating an online course is another great idea to make money online and to generate passive income, but don’t expect to get super rich doing it. First, you need to ask yourself what can you teach others to help them improve in some areas of their lives. Are you skilled in marketing, graphic design, web development, programming, finance, accounting, or any other field? the best way to find out if the idea of building an online course has any potential to pay off is to research some popular courses on site like Udemy.

Pay attention to how many students do these courses have and how many reviews are there. It will give you a good insight into what field is the most popular one. Remember, there is enormous competition on Udemy, so you need to do a lot of preparation before you make your own course, like, for example, signing up to other relevant courses on Udemy, or any other site out there.

Also, give yourself enough time to build an effective curriculum which will make sense to your own course. Keep in mind that we are talking here about years and years of passive income, so you better not try to spare your time if you want this to succeed.

Email Marketing

If you want to earn money online, email marketing is certainly where you can find it. But before even thinking about engaging in email marketing, you need an email list which includes people who are actively and keenly interested in what you have to say, and who actually subscribed and opted into your list. So, logically, you need to figure out a way to generate those email subscriptions, and you will probably need a blog or site in order to achieve that.

When you try to send marketing emails to people out of the blue, there are small to zero chances for your success. You need to interest people, to come up with something that will add value to their lives, to give them some transparency into your own life and who you are, so that they would sign up on your email list directly through your blog or site. This will drastically increase your success ratings.

Building an App

This one is far more technical than the previous jobs mentioned. Unless you have the right skills for developing an app, doing this could be quite an endeavor. However, apps are a great source of passive income, when done properly. Building a great app could actually enable you to reach the massive audience of smartphone users.

Like anything else worthwhile, building a great app won’t be easy either. Be sure to put the right amount of time into its conceptualization, graphics, and functionality. Also make sure that it’s the best app you could create, your own masterpiece, that it’s simple and easy to use, and that it delivers the right amount of entertainment to consumers.

Remember, doing this won’t be easy. The number of existing and upcoming apps is enormous, so you really have to, not only create an app that will somehow differ from the bunch of others but also to figure out the best possible way to market it. Shortly, you need to find an idea that will sell, and the way to sell it. If you do succeed, it will totally pay off in the long terms.

Sell Photos

Selling photography on some of the most popular sites, like Shutterstock or iStockPhoto, is definitely another great idea for generating passive income on the web. Obviously, you will need some good photography and editing skills in order to create photos that will really amaze others and sell more easily.

If you’re already all in photography, then this won’t take you too much effort, but it will take a lot of creativity and persistence, and once you reach a certain point, you won’t have to do any additional work to generate income from that sale.

Active income jobs

Selling Professional Services on Upwork or 99Designs There are a lot of platforms on which you can sell your professional services, Upwok and 99Designs are just two of the biggest ones. 99Design only applies to graphic design, while Upwork offers a great marketplace for selling just about any professional service: writing,
marketing, web development, programming, design, translating, and so on.

All you need to do is to sign up for those websites and be able to provide a high-quality service paid per hour for a reasonable price. However, be informed that you will find a lot of competition there constantly bidding on open jobs. That’s why it might be a little difficult in the beginning to find your own place under the sun, especially when you need to get your first project.

Do your due diligence to find out some tricks that will help you in doing so, and once you manage to break through, it will be far easier.


There are lots of types of writing, so let’s first say something about article writing. Depending on your skills when it comes to writing, this could be a great way to generate active income, because you could always find work writing articles for other people. Yes, you can do this on above mentioned Upwork, but there is also a bunch of other platforms, specialized for writing services only.

Sure, like in most of the other jobs, this won’t bring you a lot of money at the outset, especially if you don’t have enough examples or portfolio pieces to promote your skills, but you can build this up over time, of course.

You can also do other things that include writing, like copywriting for descriptions, emails and other contents related to sales, which is becoming very popular these days.

Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is actually Amazon’s take on micro-jobs. These jobs, which they call HITs, or Human Intelligence Tasks, are super small and simple tasks that you can do for other people. These jobs can be done by anyone. For example, you can do listing off some URLs with certain kind of images for one cent, or you can record a few phrases with a microphone for six cents.

Clearly, it won’t make you rich, but this is a good option if you’re after some fast cash, because you can string together hundreds of well-paying HITs and make some money quickly.

E-commerce business

This is a very good way to tap into the tremendous reach of the Internet. Starting an e-commerce business means that you have to set up an online shop first, and then sell products, services or even information to other people.

This can be a great source of income, but it does take an immense amount of effort, as you may already know. Not only you need to get whatever you want to sell, but you also need to build up an online shop in order for people to visit it. So, it means that you have to really know how to do online marketing and search engine optimization. Not easy at all. Still, that doesn’t stop people from trying, because it can be really worth all of the effort.

Be informed that, if you don’t want to build your own online store, you can always sell your products on existing marketplaces, such as Craigslist, Alibaba, eBay, and even Amazon Marketplace.

Teaching languages

This job is very popular nowadays, and it can actually bring you a very decent amount of money. If you possess some teaching skills and knowledge in almost any field, but especially in languages, you should definitely try doing it online.

You don’t necessarily have to be a real professor or have a college degree in studying languages in order to teach them on the web. If your mother tongue is the only language you know, you still qualify. There are lots of websites designed to connect you with your potential students, so you can go and sign up on one of those.

Another option is online schools that you can work for. You need to send them your application and go through the whole process of getting a job before you sign the agreement, but it usually doesn’t take long. After that, the school that you work for will provide you with students, and you will be paid per each class you conduct.

You can find a way to teach almost any language you want, but the most popular ones are English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, etc.



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