Where is rage, there is always pain

When we are born, each of us is an empty sheet of paper We just inherit something from close people. From the father`s ears, from the mother`s foot. Everything else, good and bad, we mainly learn through the observation of others.

By school age, parents represent our dominant role models in life.The roles are generally divided so that each parent carries a set of certain characteristic features that we absorb and adopt and on the basis of which we form our basic character traits, convictions, and system of values.

Directing the building of the integrity of the personality of the child and setting up a system of moral values, are the basic duties and responsibilities of the parents.Of course, assuming that two adults have consciously decided to take on the role of parents and all the obligations that carry this most important and difficult role in life with them.

There is no guarantee. Everything is a matter of choice and free will. Still, we hope that parents can put a strong enough feeling for the good and the bad, so that by the time the child is exposed to various external influences and challenges, and almost all through the age of five, his moral compass is right, well centered in function.

Therefore, I consider that parents are responsible for the formation of the personality of their children, and then their behavior as this is the root of their character.

When a child leaves in the world, no parent can know with certainty and be sure that his child will not make a wrong assessment, do a bad job, morally stumble, miss or shake his way.He can only hope that the compass he has given him is correct and that child will use it as and when he needs it in his life.

Each of us is doing the best he can.Each parent wants his / her best and thinks that the best of all educate their child.If he did not do well, that means he did not even know better.Because nobody taught him about it as well. And parents are just some children.

But this is not an excuse for our bad choices in life. Because doing what is bad can be a good lesson on the path of life.If we do not master it and the next time we pass the exam with a passing grade, we will again stumble and fall.Only this time will be harder. Every next time it can be more difficult if at one point we do not see that we are doing bad, we cut the chain that pulls us deeper, to the depths of soul, consciousness, morale and mind.

In time, when a child grows up, the responsibility of parents for the development of a child`s personality is reduced. As long as, at some point, the child does not cease completely, and now he has grown up, he does not take on this responsibility for himself.

However, this does not mean that we are impeccable and that we are just such good. We are all human beings and we all sin, but mistakes should serve us to teach them to be better people.

I remember how much I laughed when I first heard the sentence: "Every day, in every way, I`m progressing more," in some movie hear that.

It was a laugh that sounded ten years later, every time I just remembered those scenes. Until the moment of maturity, when I realized that it was a true and pure thought about the humanity and the life of man. It`s just a lifetime mantra that every one of us should guide. Every day in our life we raise a scale of our humanity.

The point of our life is to be better people every day, for us, for our closest, our environment and society as a whole.Because society is composed of good people, aware of their role and importance of work on the improvement of their personality, a good coexistence society is a good one.

Emotional hurts

Any emotional injuries we experience along the first day of our lives leave scars on the souls of each of us. These remains of this pain still exist in us. If there is no love to healed wounds, they deepen and create a growing, stronger and more sensible pain.
Child sits in park

Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Emotional hurts mingle with one another and inflexible, quite slowly, turn into a time bomb, which is never known, how, where and in what way it can explode.

The child is never anything wrong. The child does what he sees. First of all, in their home, primarily from their parents and their loved ones. Patterns are located in their cultural circle. And they are very important, not only because of the behaviors they show but also because of the values they represent, the vocabulary they use and the expectations that intrude on it.

First of all, a child forms his own system based on the whole situation he experiences.Sources of patterns and behavior patterns are numerous.Most importantly, they include the family where the child grew, the environment in which he is moving, the books he reads, the famous people who are his idols.

Where There is no Love There is Pain and Suffering

If parents do not approach the upbringing of their child as a serious business and do not shape it as it should, to be consciously and honestly, filled with love for oneself and others, the dark forces merely wait for the moment to graft it and shape it according to its rules, beyond the reach of all social and moral norms.

None of us are born bad, wicked and violent. We are all born with the love of pure, impeccable consciousness and mind. Immaculate. And then there`s a defect somewhere along the way. Well, here is the root of the problem.

In order for a change in personality to take place, it should come from within and not from the outside. The root of the problem should be reached and diluted by a clash of circumstances that led to the trauma, which then destroyed the sound evaluation power. He distorted the value system and took it to the side.

Where there is the rage, there is always a pain. And where is the pain, there was no love? Love is the answer.

All of the above can be dropped in water if there is no love. From love, children are born. From love, they are growing too.What kind of people will be, it does not depend on the place where we were educated, but how much simple love was given to us. An unconditional, open and pure love.

Children need love, especially when they "do not deserve it". Remember, when is our love really needed? When we are angry, sad and frustrated. When we make a mistake and hide something, do not we?

It is up to the parents to provide unconditional love for their children. Children must know even when they miss something, they are loved. You do not want to grow up and disdain or worse, to educate their children like you educated them.



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