How to use maximum social networks

If you want to get more from social networks, we will give you a couple of guidelines that will help you safely.

Do you want to hear something scary ?!

No one reads your posts on the blog.

But they read titles and subtitles in the text.

That`s the truth. As evidence of this claim, there is one text, quite satirical content that is shared through social networks. And it is a perfect example of reading posts.

Research has shown that about 70% of users read-only subtitles in the text, before commenting at all.
And instead of irony, the text is shared more than a thousand times.

Do You Know What`s Best for Everything?

We`ll give you one big secret: "The book is assessed on the basis of the cover". Or more precisely, we evaluate the book (text) by title. This means that all posts are evaluated based on the title, good or bad.

Do you have the same opinion about this? Your audience will only gravitate towards the titles that attract the most attention to them.

So, find a way to intensify the right way of your activity on social networks and make wise use of this easy-to-use tool.

But, first, realize how much the real choice of titles is actually possible.

Why is it necessary to take care of the title?

A good combination of words in the title, leaves a lasting impression on your readers, whether you want a specific type of audience or not.

It has been proven that 80% of them will read only titles in your text, while the remaining 20 percent will read the full content. You can increase the conversion rate by 40% by improving titles and subheadings in the text.

How do you do this?

In large part, this happens because the titles really help in determining the way of thinking about the content and quality of the text itself.

If, for example, you are writing about a statistical analysis of current trends, where they are mostly just about drama facts and where it`s unlikely that you can interest someone to read it to the end, you can point out the most important in your research and point out good subtitles to your point of view about.

If you wisely define what you want to say, it will not only correct the entire text but will affect the reader`s ability to recall some information that might be useful to him.

The mighty thing is not it!?

And yet this is not a phenomenon of modern times. People are crazy about good titles for centuries.

As an example, this can easily serve the newspaper. Since the birth of the newspaper, they are creating and creating constantly new ways to hear and find out the latest news.

Even if you`re completely wrong with some stupid title, it again has a powerful impact on people reading it.

Perhaps even more powerful influences are the examples that we face almost daily through the media and propaganda. Although propaganda is generally considered to be something bad, we are immediately able to identify some of the most important and most well-known parts of this mechanism. You will always remember those titles and titles that leave a momentary and intense impression on your mind.

It is a comprehensive attempt to capture and keep our attention on a particular topic, that is, to keep it long enough to ask for something through this text or a well-conceived marketing strategy.

Achieve your digital goals and generate a stream of sharing posts on social networks because it will best help your work expand the Internet.

Show your audience the future

Everything that your readers offer a future that is better than the present, will always be exciting, interesting and worth the attention and time. This may sound selfish, but people want to know that things can be better.

If you can inspire somebody to get up from the bed in the morning and start a quick search for a brighter future, you will have an audience that will read you for a long time and follow what you are doing.

And this is confirmed through practice.

This practically means that your readers are looking for things that will make them different.

Maybe what they offer you will make them stronger, faster or better. Whatever the matter, the promise that they will be indicated in the text will definitely intrigue them.

An example of a good title - You can get a job whatever you want after this training

In this promise, it has something unique and that is oriented towards personal growth and development. And as long as your guidelines are followed, readers will share it with those people they think will be helpful to them.

In this promise, it has something unique and that is oriented towards personal growth and development. And as long as your guidelines are followed, readers will share it with those people they think will be helpful to them.

Tell the reader what he can get from you

This claim may sound more like a characteristic, centralized approach, but such an approach is sometimes useful. Why ?! Because sometimes we prefer to start with benefits and benefits, but with some specific characteristics.

You can practice this when your audience is more interested in learning about what is more, rather than learning "How to". Then this is the perfect way to get them.

Start with different characteristics of your offer. Formulate them so that readers cannot ignore them. Create a phenomenal image that transmits both strength and utility. And then watch how the magic happens.

Hit where it hurts!

If you are aiming for direct fears or confusion with your audience, this is the perfect way to get your attention and show them that there is a better way to achieve their goals.

Also, do not be too negative.

This style of writing and presenting information and facts can very easily slip to the wrong side if you are too negative or offended by someone writing it. This will be much worse options for you and people will share your texts, but for the wrong reasons.

Share the further love you get

If you put both testimonials or comments of satisfied readers, then this is a proven method of attracting attention and pointing value to those who read you. And for this there is statistics - conversion can increase by 100% once you put the testimonies of a satisfied audience.

Pay attention to the ease of this approach!

Find a way to use your own success stories because they can create a powerful impulse to others to click and read your texts. We strive for success and what we can achieve, do you remember this?! Use this formula to share success with others and spread the positivity of your own approach to it.

Do something really first-class!

This subtitle is too good to not be shared. Think of all those brands who smartly create subtitles for their posts. It is a powerful attempt to set the desired image in the mind of the target group of readers. And you do not have to do this to have any powerful and influential person at all as a model that would spread your beliefs.

"If you do not spend five hours a week learning something about what you really are interested in, you behave very irresponsibly to yourself and others."

In this case, the message is clear - find ways to learn and personal growth and development, because it is the only tool that will provide you with success in the long run. The implication that this can really work and that at one moment it can even bring you wealth and satisfaction, the trigger is to click on the text and affect what you expect to find in the text.

Show in a quick way how to solve a problem

Everyone likes a quick solution to a persistent problem. So this is one of the most effective and easiest formulas you can use. And if you do it the right way, your audience will be forever grateful.

Especially if you show them a shortcut for something they are not particularly inclined to. Finding the right formula, which really works in practice, is the only solution to get the attention of the audience and keep them long on the post so you can pass on your thoughts.

Create new opportunities for your own brand to win more followers for what you do and how you can generate new views on the job you do. It`s not as hard as it might be in the beginning.

Learn something more about it!



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